Our Prayer Chaplains

Prayer is the cornerstone of the Unity movement. The founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, knew firsthand the importance of prayer. Charles defined prayer as “the most highly accelerated mind action known… It is the language of spirituality.”

We discipline our minds and connect with Spirit by spending time in prayer. As Charles Fillmore said, “Whenever we wholly merge our mind with creative Mind, we meet Christ in our consciousness, and it is when we are in this consciousness that our prayers are fulfilled.”

The dedicated Prayer Chaplains at Unity of Daytona Beach lead the way in “holding sacred space” for our members, our community and our world. They affirm God’s highest good for all, and they participate in the prayer experience with members after services and in monthly connections… believing that as we affirm God’s power within and as we surrender to that Truth… so it is.

Meet the Team

Debra “Rusty” Pardee
Prayer Chaplain Coordinator
Jeff Ritter
Prayer Chaplain
Debra Striegel
Prayer Chaplain
Kenice Broughman
Prayer Chaplain
Donna Miller
Prayer Chaplain