News from the Board of Trustees

Welcome May! Our prayer is that all our families and friends are well and are taking advantage of this slower time. Many people are saying that while they didn’t want this to happen, they are finding some joy spending time in the quiet, time with family whether online or in person, time to do nothing, or doing some projects around the house!

Your trustees met April 30, and here is an update from your leadership team. First we say, “Thank you, God.” We want to recognize, thank, and appreciate our staff and volunteers that have been working to provide services to our congregation. We are truly blessed with dedicated staff and generous volunteers. THANK YOU! We also want to thank Unity Worldwide Ministries for the support they have provided, which included assistance with streaming services, support for our ministers, and of course, Silent Unity for continued prayers.

And a big “thank you” to you, our Unity family, for the love and support you have shown us during this time. We appreciate your emails, calls, thanks and continued contributions.

Financial information for March 30, 2020:

Total Revenue $21,883.99
Total Expenses 23,439.62
Total -1,555.63

We have continued to pay staff and have put a spending freeze in place with all purchase requests approved by Rev. Carmen in advance. Keep in mind that we had already renovated the minister’s office and hallway just before the COVID-19 outbreak, which accounts for some of the expenses.

At the April 30 meeting, trustees discussed the following: what services we are currently providing; what our services will be like when reopening; and when we will be able to hold in-person services again. The decision was made to continue following guidelines set by our national, state and local governments as well as CDC. We will make prayerful decisions and keep you updated as we go along. Your trustees will meet as often as we feel is needed.

Rev. Carmen participated in a conference call with Unity ministers from the southeast region. Their discussions were along the same lines as the trustees’. The ministers will continue to meet and share ideas.

“Breaking News!” After our meeting, we received word that the Paycheck Protection Plan loan we applied for was granted and we will receive some funding for our continued payroll costs. We will share more details as they become available. A BIG THANKS goes to Carole George, Carol Grogg, Cheryl Upchurch and Rev. Carmen, who worked on the application.

Friends, we are all in this together and this will pass. We are making it! When I reflect on things, I find it slightly amusing that our theme this year is “20/20 Perfect Vision: Seeing with a Spiritual Lens.” We have had to step up our spiritual practice to help work through this pandemic. Each of us is finding new ways to practice our spirituality as we go forward. Your Board of Trustees is here for you and wants you to be safe and pray for one another.
“All is Well!”
Deborah Zeoli, President
Board of Trustees