Music Ministry

Ken Reed
Ken Reed

Ken Reed has been associated with the Unity Movement for over 30 years and comes to us with a wealth of experience in the area of New Thought music. He has eight years of experience as Music Director at other Unity communities.

Ken’s love for choral music and his deep passion for harmony singing led him to several church choirs and community choruses in the local area. In 2001 the local Surfside Barbershop Men’s Chorus stirred his interest and he developed skills in a-cappella harmony singing. Within the “barbershop arena” Ken decided to stretch himself and become involved in two significant projects. The first involved singing bass in a professional quartet which participated in several district competitions. The group advanced to the semi-final rounds in one competition. The other project was supporting the National Barbershop Society in sponsoring hundreds of boys ages 12 to 18 to attend statewide summer camps that were designed to enhance their vocal skills and create peer camaraderie.

Ken has been involved with the Daytona Beach Choral Society and several church choirs for the past twelve years. He and three other singers formed “The Over Fifty Four” quartet in 2009. Their mission is to serve local nursing homes by sharing spiritual music. Ken partnered with a Unity minister in 2011 to conduct Sunday church services at a local nursing home.

Early in his music career Ken sensed that singing solos and in groups just wasn’t satisfying enough — he wanted to teach others to sing “God’s Music” with ease, passion and joy, even if they had no formal music training. This led him to develop a unique state-of-the-art music learning system that makes “part-singing” quick and effective, which allows choir members to learn more music in less time and with less stress for them and their director. The system has been used with great success in several local churches, including Unity of Daytona Beach, as well as in a few out-of-state churches.

Ken believes the medium of music is a rich and powerful source for spiritual growth and healing for members of the choir and for everyone who walks into Unity on Sunday mornings. He strongly supports the mission of Unity of Daytona Beach which is “to teach and demonstrate the message of Jesus Christ, creating a greater experience of God and life in ourselves, each other, the community and the world.” Ken finds great joy in using the power of music to fulfill this mission to the best of his ability.