In Honor of Earth Day

Earth Day is Monday, April 22.

“I am renewed and nurtured by my earth home.” — from The Daily Word, April 22, 2017

Today is an opportunity to give thanks for our planet. The earth provides me with food to eat, water to drink and air to breathe. With each sunrise and sunset, I feel a connection to God — the creator of this bounty. Season after season new life appears.  The earth is constantly refreshed and renewed.

I am also renewed spiritually as I contemplate my oneness with God and with all people on this planet I call home.  Just as earth provides me, I provide for it by making choices that support conserving the beauty and wholeness of nature. I see God in all of life and in all of life and in all areas of my environment.As I am renewed and nurtured by this earth, I am able to nurture others.  I give of myself freely and serve willingly.  I am blessed to be a conduit for the activity and love of God.