God is Not in a Hurry


The key to everything is patience.  You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.  ~ Arnold H. Glasgow

Patience is required to support the full expression of the Christ potential within you. If you want an omelet, smashing the egg might work. But, if you want the chicken, you will have to hatch the egg. Some things cannot be hurried, including the fulfillment of our Spirit-inspired ideas.

Jesus spoke to this truth when he said, “…the Kingdom of God (a life of well-being), is as if a man should cast seed into the ground… first the blade, then the ear, after that the full ear of corn.” (Gospel of Mark 4:26, 28)  First, plant the seed. Tend the seed. There will soon be a sprout. Then there will be a mature plant, which will give you a crop. This was not a pep talk for farmers. It was a call for us to recognize our own need for patience when growing a new idea from seed to fruition. 

Our ability to experience the Kingdom of God is gained through a gradual and predictable process, which requires the same patience a good farmer has when tending his fields. Even after the best seeds are planted, the fields appear barren for a time. But the farmer knows that with patience and appropriate support, the seeds will come up, mature and yield a crop.

Some of us want to experience the Kingdom of God, but don’t want to follow through with supporting the necessary process of development. We want what we want and we want it now! Energized by desire, we push to make something happen before its time, only to wind up being disappointed and sometimes even angry with God for withholding our good. But in our heart we know the truth: God is not withholding our good, and it often takes time to for our ideas to bear fruit. How often have we ended up in pain or minimizing the good we could have had because we pushed against divine guidance that said, “Wait”?

The results are predictably disappointing when we try to avoid the necessary growth process. A great idea may come to us and we eagerly begin working on it. Then, if it doesn’t grow fast enough, we may assume it was a defective seed and stop nurturing it. And another unsupported idea dies. We want to experience the Kingdom of God in its fullness, but we do not have time to wait. We are in a hurry.    

Who would attempt to pry open a rose bud and expect it to look as beautiful as it would if it had been allowed to unfold according to its natural process? No one would be surprised that forcing the bud to prematurely open would cause damage and ensure a poor outcome.  So why are we surprised at the result when we prematurely and forcefully try to make our ideas give us a blossom before they have had time to develop and unfold? We are in a hurry.

One day a man observed his usually calm and poised minister, pacing around her office like a caged wildcat. He asked, “What is the trouble, Reverend?” “The trouble is I’m in a hurry, but God isn’t,” replied the minister. It’s true. God is not in a hurry.

No experienced farmer would throw seeds on the ground and then expect to come back the next day and find a full-grown plant. Neither would a wise Truth student toss an idea out to the universe and then expect to see it fully manifested the next day. It could happen, but more often the development of even a truly inspired idea will require a bit more patience than that. God is not in a hurry. 

 “…first the blade, then the ear, after that the full ear of corn.” In these 13 words, Jesus tells us exactly how to live in the Kingdom of God — how to experience a predictable pattern of well-being. It is a simple and non-negotiable step-by-step process. First, plant the seed of a divine idea in the ground of universal God substance through prayer. Be patient and wait for the seed to sprout. Keep praying. You will soon see a leaf. This will be evidence that the seed is growing. Things will begin to happen that give proof that your idea is beginning to mature: chance meetings, signs, symbols, unexpected blessings and open doors of opportunity. Nurture and support this growth process. Keep praying, preparing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for the fulfillment of your idea. In time, the seed will mature and manifest its full potential. Enjoy the fruits of your patience and devotion. That is how you give form to divine ideas and consistently live in the Kingdom of God. 

God is not in a hurry. Perhaps we shouldn’t be either. Be patient and expect corn!