Christmas is Love in Action

MINISTER’S BLOG — “Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” ~ Dale Evans.

Christmas is love in action. The birth of Jesus was love in action and the greatest gift ever given to humankind. Reflecting on his birth stirs a deep desire in us to express our love, too. Christmas gift-giving is a way of making the love in our hearts visible. Usually, the goal is to find just the right gift for each person on our list. For most of us, the important thing is to give something that is clear evidence of our love and caring for the recipient. The search for this perfect gift frequently becomes so stressful that we forget the original intention. If you have found Christmas gift-giving stressful in the past, you will find this very good news. Finding the perfect gift can be spontaneous and easy when you simply act in love.

A case in point is found in this funny but tender story that I received from a minister friend. The Christmas pageant was coming up and the teacher chose a sweet seven-year-old boy to play the part of the Bethlehem innkeeper. He was a kind-hearted child, so he had trouble learning to curtly tell Mary and Joseph, “There is no room at the inn!” But, by the last rehearsal, he had his part down pat.

The big night came and his proud parents sat beaming at the boy from the front row.

At just the right time, the boy boomed, “There is no room for you at the inn!” Then, seeing the disappointment on the faces of Mary and Joseph, he quietly added, “But come on in anyway and have some milk and cookies.”

Love never fails to give the right thing at the right time. Just let your heart lead the way and all your gift-giving will be a joy to you and the recipient.

Every time we love, we give, and every time we give, Christ is born again. Every time we give there is a bit more evidence of Divine Love made visible in the world. Christmas is love in action that began with a tiny baby long ago. It continues today through each of us who receives and gives his gift of love.

Our Advent series begins Sunday, December 1. The four-week journey through Advent awakens us to a personal Christmas miracle — direct knowing that “Christ is born!” here, now, through me — born as love in action right in the midst of my daily experiences.

We invite you to be with us through the weeks of Advent and to expect Christmas miracles. Sunday services each week will focus on a different aspect of Advent and give you an opportunity to deepen into the Christmas experience of Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy.

We will conclude the series with special candle lighting services on the Sunday before Christmas and on Christmas Eve. We look forward to celebrating the Christmas season and all its gifts with you.

— Rev. Carmen Zappi