Our Youth Programs

Unity provides a strong spiritual foundation for our children’s lives because it:

  • Beholds all children as whole and perfect expressions of God;
  • Teaches children to meditate and pray;
  • Invites children to experience a loving God.

The Youth Education Ministry at Unity of Daytona Beach nurtures the divinity within each child by:

  • Providing spiritual education based on Unity Principles;
  • Empowering our children and teens to use these principles in their daily lives;
  • Creating a spiritual community for our kids and teens that is safe, supportive and fun.

We warmly welcome all children to attend our Sunday school and participate in our special activities.

Youth Programs Provided During Our 9 a.m. Service

During the 9 a.m. service we provide a nursery for infants and children up to age 3 and offer activities for children ages 4-10.

Youth Programs Provided During Our 11 a.m. Service

Sunday School is held during the 11 a.m. service. 

Children – Ages 4-10

We begin with an assembly where the children can share their “news” from the past week; then we have a meditation, learn an affirmation and a Bible verse and sing a song together. We then break into our classes (Primary and Elementary) where the children hear or read a story and discuss the spiritual lessons it contains. The children then participate in a creative activity, a craft or a game that allows them to express and experience the lesson on a personal level.

Uniteens – Ages 11-13

Uniteens participate in discussions, crafts, games and meditation. Their lessons are designed specifically for “tweens” and young teens, focusing on belonging, self-image and making a positive difference in our world. 

Annual Retreats for Uniteens

Our Uniteens have the opportunity to attend retreats that facilitate spiritual exploration and self expression.

Our Teachers

Unity of Daytona Beach has a loving and well-trained youth staff. We call upon the highest and the best within ourselves to love all children and to recognize and seize the opportunity to be a positive example for our youth.

In order to provide our children with a safe and spiritually rich experience, our teachers meet the following requirements:

  • Complete application
  • Background check
  • Training locally and regionally

We provide two teachers in each classroom. Teachers’ schedules rotate every other week to provide the children with familiarity.